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The power of a network. Thanks for sailing with us â›”...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I just had the honour to spend an amazing couple of days sailing with some of our greatest đŸ‡źđŸ‡± CEOs leading incredible companies such as WIX, Walkme, Lightico, Cyberhat and Happify. I am blown away every time I witness the magic that happens when you put smart entrepreneurs together in room, or on a ship for a couple of days in this case... It has been an unbelievable week to get to know each other even better on a personal level and share incredibly valuable knowledge across all stages of building global tech businesses.

Here a great summary of my colleague Roy 😜

Our network grows stronger with each investment we make. Today, this group spans 5,000+ employees across more than 13 countries and 20 cities across Europe, Israel and the US. The humans behind these businesses are the backbone of every venture firm and it is one of our greatest assets to give our entrepreneurs access to this network and resources to help them and their businesses thrive.

Thanks a lot to my colleagues Roy Saar and Itay Asulin for organising this adventure and to our entrepreneurs Avishai, Rafael, Ofer, Tomer, Nadav, Jonathan and Zviki for taking the time to join us. We intend to organise a bigger trip next year with our amazing entrepreneurs from around Europe and Israel. Can't wait to sail again!

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