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Better Products, Better Growth...

Today I had breakfast with Sean Ellis, the author of Hacking Growth, and we discussed the challenges of adopting a 'growth mindset' as an early stage startup based on fast and well managed product iterations and the role of growth hackers along product managers and marketeers. As a VC it is one of my priorities to help companies achieve this. More on that discussion in a later post. In the meanwhile, have look at this great video from Sean. Especially his definition of product market fit is very insightful (min 3:16).

I also wanted to share with you a great website I came across recently from the team at Growth.Design in Montreal 🇨🇦. They share case studies about various products such as Calm, Strava, Superhuman, Tiktok and many more covering every stage of the user experience, from on-boarding to engagement, retention and monetisation. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.



If you are an early stage founder who is obsessing about his product that has gained some early traction and would like to discuss some growth ideas please do reach out! I am always happy to share some learnings from the companies I am working with.


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