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Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Yannick and I am an early stage VC @ Mangrove Capital Partners and a Kauffman fellow, Class 23.

I travel all around Europe to work with exceptional entrepreneurs and discover their unique insights. I am convinced that talent is everywhere but that you have to go out there to find it. 

I am obsessed with helping entrepreneurs build their insights on upcoming trends and markets into epic products - products that create the 'wow' effect and have an immediate and material impact on consumers’ lives. This is the foundation I focus on to implement scalable and sustainable business models.

Areas I am particularly interested in are consumer apps and B2C SaaS (SybelSafe365, Flo, GetAlbert), B2B SaaS (RedPoints, Attentive.us, Echobox, Walkme, Wix), marketplaces (QoorioBadi, JobToday) and emerging platforms such as Voice, AR and IoT if linked to a subscription model. 

Aware of the fact that the tech and venture community is a hard one to break into, I spend considerable amount of time in AND outside Europe's tech hubs and communities to find the most ambitious and tenacious disrupters.

This is also the reason why I launched the Europe's Female Founders community. If Europe wants to take over the world, we need more women in tech.

In my spare time, I love to kitesurf, play tennis, run, snowboard, read and watch history documentaries.

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If you have an early stage startup that is looking for funding (seed and series A, my sweet spot is immediately after beta product launch and initial community creation) or simply want to share any exciting ideas, please reach out here! 

Feel free to write in French, German, English, Spanish or Luxembourgish.

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Thanks for being here and looking forward to hearing from you!

Life is awesome,


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