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It's A Wrap. Here are 2020's Top 5!

2020 has been a special and weird year by all means. As you are reading this, I am attending the wedding of one of my best friends on Zoom... Coldly distanced from each other, we were all Edward Hopper paintings this year. This pandemic has given Hopper's exceptional work a terrifying new significance.

But I am very excited about 2021. Of course, there is the roll-out of the vaccine at 'warp speed' - We are witnessing innovation like never before... I can't wait to see the smiling faces of people when they can meet with their friends 'freely' again, or just hang out in a bar...

In particular, I am excited about the big opportunities that await many of our portfolio companies. One of the big news of 2020 is that we now have our 4th unicorn, another one we backed at the seed stage. But, I am especially proud of our seed-stage companies that did not have the cash resources to navigate easily such a crazy period. Most of our early-stage investments have developed exceptionally well this year and will raise their next rounds in 2021. One word comes to mind: Grit. Here a letter I got from one of our CEOs. I think it illustrates this mindset well. So, let's all make sure we build a great story in 2021.

Looking back, 2020 was also the year where we published far more posts than ever before, 2 per month on average with 100k readers since March 2020, up from only 10k last year. This makes Opportunities Everywhere one of Europe's most popular VC blogs. Let's have a look at the content that caught the attention of most readers.

Here are our most popular posts of 2020.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing. I could not be more grateful for your support. We will continue to publish insights on European tech in 2021.

I am spending NYE with some good friends I haven't seen in a long time in a sunny 'Covid green' zone. I feel refreshed, relaxed, and very ready for an explosive 2021.

A Happy New Year to everyone!

Life is awesome,




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