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Climate Crisis - The Turning Point...

As I pull out my crystal ball and look ahead, I think that 2020 will be the year where the looming climate crisis will penetrate the human consciousness at a global scale.

Time Magazine named Climate change activist Greta Thornberg the youngest ever “Person of the Year.” As my friends at Maveron put it, 'we will see people, especially young people, globally display unprecedented environmental activism. Brands and capital allocators will be called out for not acting as strong environmental stewards across multiple industries'.

Because this year, nobody, not even the most sceptic, can ignore the dramatic environmental events we are witnessing all over the world and deny the impact that our activities have on our planet.

I recently came across this brilliant and widely shared video by Steve Cutts. Have a look...

The forces that we are about to witness will drive many challenges, and opportunities of course, for our societies and economies. As an example, here a notification I got this morning from Yahoo Finance...

Fred even goes so far saying that 'the looming climate crisis will be to this century what the two world wars were to the previous one. It will require countries and institutions to re-allocate capital from other endeavours to fight against a warming planet...'

As Fred, I am an optimist and believe in society's ability to find the will to face our challenges. I am looking forward to discovering the many solutions brave entrepreneurs will come up with to save the world.

Let's do it!



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