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A Not So Random Thought #1

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As you all know, I am not a big fan of scrolling.

Over the summer, my friend Alberto and I played around with the idea to create in an easy way content that fits your mobile screen. So we have built a small editor to do so. Check it out, and let me know what you think. People have already used it to create content for all kinds of platforms, but mainly for social media such as Twitter or Instagram.

So, here is my first 'Not So Random Thought...'

Last week, the terrific news of a potential vaccine made me think of my final 'real' trip pre-Covid. Here is a pic with my buddies Rob, Yousef, and Ava (who took this awesome picture) in the Emirates in February.

Soon, my friends, soon...

Life is awesome,


Other content I have found useful

- Our company Lightico raises a $13 million Series A for its digital direct to consumer sales platform. Covid was, not surprisingly, a massive catalyst for the adoption of their product.

- More news in the voice world. Snap acquired Israel-based, which makes AI-based voice agents for call centers.

- Here a great analysis of Doordash's S-1. It is an excellent and very transparent prospectus revealing incredible detail in its cohort data. This contrasts sharply with some of the recent S-1's of consumer tech companies.

- Here an overview of the S-1 of $157m in revenue, growing 71% yoy, $69m loss... It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this IPO. I also find it pretty badass to grab “AI” as a ticker on NYSE 😜

- Our company K Health in the US top 10 telehealth apps by downloads (again)

- My friend Torge has released the second season of his podcast State of Mind. Guests include no other than the first woman on the moon (to be), GitHub co-founder Scott Chacon, and techno pioneer Richie Hawtin. Have a listen.

- Forrester conducted the first total economic impact study on our company WalkMe, and the results are striking: 368% ROI...

- Term sheets can be confusing. Here a cool Twitter thread on some key terms.


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